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    Friday, 14 February 2014 • Permalink • Add comment {0}

    Hye guys! act this is my first entry of 2014 , well im a student of course Im very busy with homeworks and etc * acewah kau Aida* okay meh sini nak story sikit tau , baca tau baca tau *kenyit mata* act just now dapat 81 line chat from my precious Jennaaaaa. I love the way she describe me ,hihi. 

    '' The time I first met you was in 2012 ''
    '' It was really strange as I dont know who youre and what the hell are you doing infront of me''
    '' Its because I dont know you and you dont know me either ''
    '' After a time and a time, I felt joyful ''
    '' we met earlier in 2012 ''
    '' And we keep in touch and getting related in somehow until I feels like I dont wanna lose you ''
    '' we celebrated bff crew''
    '' We otp with ....''
    '' Yea that moment just like what the hell Im doing! ''
    '' haha cause idk who is he ''
    '' After that, we still keep in touch''
    '' I made an image card for your birthday present ''
    '' oh yea ''
    '' And I wouldnt forget the time were studying together in your class and act like im playing the piano''
    '' and some people took my photo''
    '' and the boys seeing me like Im the craziest person, oh god''
    '' but youre still there''
    ''studying math with them and didnt care what Im doing''
    '' hahaha''
    '' yeah that time''
    '' Joyful''
    '' Meaningful''
    '' And dont forget our argument''
    '' HAHAHAHA ''
    '' We didnt talk each other for a few weeks''
    '' Theres no hi''
    '' Theres no hey''
    '' Theres no woi''
    '' Theres no sewel''
    '' Theres no crazy fairy''
    '' And from thatday, mrsewel is gone''
    ''She's missing''
    '' In a place theres no one wouldnt ever know and wouldnt ever think''
    '' Time past and mrssewel doesnt come back''
    '' Anymore''
    '' And..''
    '' The time were back together again''
    '' We took some photos''
    '' Oh how I miss that photos''
    '' We both were pretty in there and cute!''
    '' I love that moment hihi ''
    '' And.....''
    '' Mrssewel isnt come back too''
    '' Well you know ''
    '' I've waited for her since the day she had left ''
    '' But she didnt turn up''
    '' Even back of me''
    '' She didnt''
    '' But guess what ''
    '' Who I bump into today?''
    '' MAWO hahahha''
    '' Shes a little bit fierce''
    '' Shes cute''
    '' Shes strong''
    '' And she cant keep her secret''
    '' Always have to story it all to 2people that meaningful in her life that was cute tall pretty gorgeus chinese malay clever''
    '' They love her even if theres a time mawo mad at nothing''
    '' well you know''
    '' The chinese girl isnt that strong, She cant stand of madness. Of fierce''
    '' So theres a time mawo mad her accidently and that chinese girl kept everything inside and smile''
    '' She wanna cry but she hold it up''
    '' Cause she thought hey mawo isnt a good mood give her time''
    '' Chill up.She will return''
    '' And a few minutes or hours later mawo back!''
    '' hahaha''
    '' And mawo keep treat her princess spaghetti''
    '' Macaroni''
    '' And else''
    '' And today is her beautiest ,cutest ,gorgeust ,cleverest, tallest birthday!''
    '' wow so hmm hahahaha ''
    '' I means her b.c,g,c,t's chinese girl birthday''
    '' hahahahha''
    '' well if you know what I mean haha''
    '' but you know''
    '' theres 2 thing that keep remain mawo as mrssewell''
    '' Her late sleep''
    '' And her love for their princesssesssss!''
    '' This chines girl love you so much baby! Remember me always dear , I love you, Bogoshipta, Saranghae''

    Her essay, her quotes, DEEP . 

    Yes seriously, memang ketawa baca bila ingat semua apa yang jadi, but when she talk about '' Mrssewel'' idk why my tears falling down. seriously. 

    love you You love me 
    We're a happy family 
    With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. 
    Won't you say you love me too
    I love you You love me 
    We're best friends like friends should be 
    With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. 
    Won't you say you love me too